An electric bicycle ideal for visiting Cagliari

Easycletta is a magnificent way to discover Cagliari. It is a bicycle with an electric motor that multiplies in speed while peddling: you don’t feel the weight and fatique of steeper climbs therefore ensuring you have a pleasant ride. If you prefer peddling and a more strenuous ride, you can just switch off the motor and use it as a normal bicycle. Stopping and going as you please. It is a fabulous way to visit Cagliari’s sights. Bikes also come with child seats so the entire family can join in.




Come to visit us!
Our shop is located in the heart of Marina district, one of the most characteristic part of the city.
Just 5 minute walk from the cruise passengers bus stop!

​ Easycletta by Innoi Sardinia
Pick-up Point | Via Giovanni Maria Dettori, 3A | Cagliari

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