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Design your tour and have fun with us! 

We can plan special itineraries customized for you, in according with your interests and time frame.

If you are a group, we can organize team-building exercises for company employees or educational activities for high school students.

In addition, if you want to celebrate your birthday, graduation day or any special occasion, in a different way do not hesitate to contact us.

Please fill the form below with you request. We will get back to you promptly with our best proposal.


EasyMap is our beautiful thematic map of Cagliari's city center.

It is very clear, simple, readable and above all it is FREE!

It has all necessary information for tourists including the location of monuments, parks and gardens.

You will find also a selection of the best sightseeing points and all you must-see attractions.

Once received, keep it in your phone to access it off-line without paying roaming traffic.

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